Holding their planned wedding date was something that was important for CJ & Emily. Even if this meant that they couldn’t have the wedding they originally envisioned.

This is our second video that was shot during the early days of Covid and no one knew what to do.

Elopement was the option that they decided and we promised we would be there not only for that day but for a future wedding reception.

SMMHS student president, Brinson is a Senior Representative for Livingood Photography.

She was an obvious choice for us after meeting with her and enjoying her magnetic personality.

We took Brinson to several locations around Signal Mountain and Chattanooga to video her in her most beloved spots.

The letter she composed for the video was spot on and a declaration of what a wonderful person she was raised to be.

A great deal of preparation takes place before the coming of age Jewish tradition for boys.

Prior to turning 13, Erin had to study how to read part of the Torah in Hebrew to become Bar Mitzvah.

This was achieved after many sessions w/his Rabi and he read aloud his teaching in the synagogue w/his closest family and friends.

It was an incredible experience to witness and a huge achievement for this strong, confident, and faithful young man.

Remember the Elopement promise we made to our bride and groom during Covid? We followed through!

By the fall of the pandemic, we all had found ways to make safer choices when gathering for weddings.

Our bride and groom made excellent decisions in an open-air venue that allowed for social distancing among guests.

We were thankful to have been part of the elopement and the following wedding reception.

Emily finally got to wear her dress!

This is a commercial video of a couple of the properties we shot for Dunaway Farms.

“Unlimited outdoor adventures… right at your doorstep
Within an hour of Chattanooga and less than two hours from Nashville and Knoxville, Dunaway Hunting and Fishing Club is a paradise.
Whether you’re a hunter, an angler, or an outdoor enthusiast, sweeping landscapes and endless shorelines await you and your family at Dunaway.”

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