How to Choose Vendors

The wedding industry is saturated with vendors.  You may be looking for a Venue, Photographer, Videographer, Caterer, Wedding Planner/Day Off, Dresses/Suits, Officiant, Cakes, Flowers, DJ, etc.  You may have landed here to see who we recommend and yes, we certaintely talk w/you about who best suits your wedding from our preferred vendors.  The wedding industry changes quickly and so do our lists!  You want to get the best booked and we want to help!  Here are a few tips to get you started.

1.) Hire expereinced professionals.

Professional vendors have invested in the most current products, have many years of experience and know that their reputation is at stake to make you day the absolute best.  The majority are small business owners that take great pride in what they do.  Others may be just starting out.  Yes, of course you have a budget!  Talk with them about it and have an honest conversation.  If it sounds like too good of a deal, ask yourself, “why.”  Remeber, you will get what you pay for!

2.) Check references.

Ask for at least 3 references for all of your potential vendors and then seriously text or call them.  You want to know what it is like to work with them from the start, finish and even a month later if needed.  Couples will be excited to tell you how pleased they were and quick to tell you if they were not.

3.) Meet for a consultation.

Get a feel for what the vendor is going to be like to work with.  Do you connect?  Are you going to enjoy being with them for the entire wedding?  Remember, any meeting is a potential job for the vendor and they will be anxious to win you over.  If someone isn’t behaving real or being too pushy then that is the relationship that will continue.  A chilled out and confident vendor will keep you calm throughout your wedding planning.

4.) Ask for a discount.

If the potential vendor has the date available, then they want to book it.  There should be some wiggle room in their set prices if they want to work with you.  Yes, the most popular times of the year and Saturdays fill up quickly and vendors will be hesitant to come down on their prices.  ASK and you may be surprised at your overall savings.

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