What Does a Wedding Look Like During a Pandemic?

It’s Stunning.


No one could have predicted that Katherine and Chris would see their wedding plans change so drastically.

They had planned on a large wedding w/out of town guests.

As news grew about the COVID-19 virus we realized something had to change.

They couldn’t postpone their wedding date since it was dependent on Chris’s training as a Marine.

Everything else had to change…with the exception of her dress, and his uniform.


Following the Governor’s order that allowed religious ceremonies under 10 people and safety guidelines set forth by the CDC, we started a new plan.

Katherine wanted to have the ceremony outside in her hometown, but thunderstorms were in the forecast.

It was two days before their wedding date that we secured their location.


The above shows Katherine making final adjustments to her attire. We filmed the videography of Chris getting ready, as you will see in the attached film link.


Katherine honored her past relatives in a ribbon from her bouquet that pulled together her theme of Red, White, and Blue with her sassy kicks.

Shout out to Connie w/Isbill Floral who accomplished an amazing bouquet of artificial and live flowers.

And the first look was breathtaking.


Introducing Chris and Katherine Kokaly!


The wedding guests that were able to attend.


The best man and maid of honor didn’t plan on being in pictures, but Katherine insisted!

Unlike other weddings that have to adhere to a strict timeline, there were no distractions.


There was no rush to greet everyone and we were able to capture this fun and loving couple for who they really are.


The rain ignored us for most of the short wedding but returned right before we could take a picture in a nearby ally that reflects Katherine’s desire
to commemorate Red, White, and Blue.


We feel truly honored to have been chosen to be part of their intimate wedding.


Please enjoy a highlight film that Kevin filmed and Kim edited.  We make a great team and enjoyed putting this together for them.

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