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snow hikeHi, I’m Kevin Livingood.

Instead of using this post to tout how amazing our photography/videography is, I thought I would share a few things about me that you might not know. Besides, you probably already knew how renowned, mysterious and downright good-lookin’ I am.

~ I love to hack Kim’s Facebook status.

~ I have a Business and Communications degree from Carsen Newman.

~ If I could hike every day, I would.

~ I specialize in landscape & commercial photography and sell my work at The Chattanooga Market.

~ I hope to become a grumpy old man.

~ Not interested in being a superhero, but I bet Kim would make a smoking hot wonder woman.

~ I have pyromaniac tendencies and love to have our backyard fireplace burning every season of the year.

~ To sell Kim on my interest in starting photography I used an Excel spreadsheet itemizing expenses related to photography equipment vs. taking up golf again.

~ I enjoy anything outdoors and am happiest on the trail with my camera, trophy wife and kiddos.

~ I often accompany Kim for weddings, events and portrait sessions and/or whenever a second photographer/videographer is needed. She enjoys bossing me around.


Hey there!

My name is Kim Livingood!

I could tell you how much I love photography/videography, but you have already figured that out. So here are a few random facts about me and my life.

~ We have two teen boys. They often accompany us to assist at weddings unless they have a school band obligation.  Free Labor!  Kidding, we pay them.

~ Kevin is 5 years younger than me, so I guess that makes me a cougar.

~ Willy Nelson once bent down from the stage and kissed me on the cheek. I felt like a giddy teenager!

~ I have a B.S. in Environmental Biology from U.T.C. During college, instead of rockin’ it out to 90’s music, I had a cassette tape of, “Vocalization of Southeast TN Frogs and Toads,” playing in my car.

~ I broke my neck, the transverse process, on a giant water slide that required a spinal fusion. I feel blessed that I survived!

~ I have a 6-pound Shihpoo which is a mix of a Shitzu & a Poodle. He follows me everywhere.

~ Kevin & I are both bird nerds and get text messages from eBird when a rare bird is in the area. I spotted an Ash Throated Flycatcher in Chattanooga…3,000 miles from its habitat!

~ I completed 30 days of yoga in two months, just to win a t-shirt!

~We have a strong connection and appreciation for The Tennessee River Gorge Trust. Kim was selected to do her internship for TRGT in college.

~We donate our time & Kevin’s landscape photography to the TRGT to be used for publication and marketing purposes.

~Visit our Tennessee River Gorge gallery and you’ll understand why it’s referred to as “The Grand Canyon of Tennessee.”

Example of the shenanigans that take place in our work environment…sigh.  ; )

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